Top 10 Christmas Movies For Women

1) ELF: This 2003 comedy about Buddy the elf is filled with mindless laughs. Your heart will flutter of innocent love that unravels. Family values are instilled along with Christmas magic that you are never too old to believe. Elf is a great movie to switch on while you wrap presents, considering most people have it memorized. If you are a newbie, Will Ferrell will introduce you to the best coffee in the world, engage in catchy tunes and trigger the excitement of Santa.  

2) Bad Mom’s Christmas: You will have to take a trip out to the theater to see this one, but it will be well worth it. Take a break with the ladies between shopping, dinner and drinks. Treat yourself to this comedy, after all you know you deserve it.  Click Here to read my Bad Mom’s Review.

3) Christmas With The Kranks: Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis decide to ‘skip’ Christmas this year when their daughter can’t come home for Christmas. But things go wild when their daughter's plans change at the last minute.  Rather if you’re a mom, been a mom, or ever had to leave your parents, this 2004 flick is a family laugh. Popcorn, fire place and eggnog are perfect for this joy.

4) The Family Stone: Feel like curling up with your significant other? Flip on this movie for some chaotic, upbeat humor, with a pinch of romance, cup of saucy and dose of happy ending…sort of. With a stellar female cast including Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel McAdams and Claire Danes, this 2005 film doesn't neglect the male voice. Luke Wilson, Dermot Mulroney, Craig T. Nelson, Tyrone Giordano and Brian White join these ladies, actively taking part in the story. Have a couple of drinks, wrap in a blanket and cuddle together for this fun Christmas roller coaster.

5) How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Lots of baking to do? Flip on the familiar, popular and classic, Grinch.  Choose the Jim Carrey. This movie last longer, has the cutest dog, and most adorable Cindy Lou Who. The catchy songs of  is this millennium movie will keep the hips moving and spoon stirring.

6) Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas: Stressed out? Long customer service hours getting to you? Family demanding? You need a little Madea in your life. The humor is on cue, sending you into roars of laughter and forgetting about the obligations of the holidays. In this 2013 comedy, Madea finds work at a department store, but heads on a journey when she joins a friend and her family for Christmas.  Madea's witty comments are on cue; you don't get Madea without getting a lesson in life. 

7) Four Christmases: If you have a special someone in your life, this is another entertaining movie to indulge in during a cold night. Staring the adorable Reese Witherspoon and sidekick Vince Vaughn, they do everything to avoid family… until they can’t. The couple is forced into four Christmases between their families, introducing numerous opportunities of couple humor. This movie is a classic "look at your partner with understanding" while you wage on the craziness unfolding. This is a great pizza and beer film, allowing a couple to appreciate one another before it ends.

 8) The Holiday: I will be upfront and let you know I am very biases with this movie. Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and I drink lots of wine together through the holidays (pun intended). This is a grab your best girl, sushi, wine and curl up the couch while you relate to the heartache and joys of love. The bitter reminder that there are those of us who fall in love alone, becoming a stronger woman, and the inspiring line "You are the leading lady in your life, not the best friend." This 2006 film channels the girl power within giving us all gumption to shed a tear.

9) Miracle On 34th Street: Feeling sentimental? That moment when you were a little a girl, and just wanted to understand what Santa was really about. Questions raced our mind...over analyzing then as we do now. This being said, it is easy to relate to the young girl, Susan (Mara Wilson), as she bravely writes a letter to the newspaper questioning the realities of Christmas. Based on  the true story, and letter Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus, this is perfect movie to embrace with a child in your life. Having doubts is okay, but Christmas brings magic, belief and faith.  Warm up some hot cocoa, top it with marshmallows, and let  your child(ren) curl into your arms as you introduce their doubtful hearts to a Miracle On 34th Street.

10)  12 Dates of Christmas: Feeling alone this Christmas? A typical Ground Hog Day sort of movie, Amy Smart brings charm to this 2011 film, of ‘getting it right.’ This is a humorous story reminding us ladies that ‘Things aren’t always meant to be the way we THINK they SHOULD be.’ If you are having a ME pity party, grab the ice cream, blanket, chocolates, and wine... go ahead, indulge while figuring out your own complications. 


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More Female Mentions:
* Preacher's Wife - Whitney Houston Dominates the male leads
* A Christmas Kiss - Because we love fantasy
* Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer/and the Others- The classics don't get old
* Holiday In Handcuffs - Melisa Joan Hart is adorable with Mario Lopez
* National Lampoons Christmas Vacation- Crazy families are normal
* Love Actually -  With multiple stories you're bound to relate to one
* Love At The Christmas Table - Because we've all had that first love
* It's A Wonderful Life - The Moments We Forget We Already Have It All
* Polar Express - We Are Never Too Old To Believe