Top 10 Christmas Movies For Men

1) Home Alone: Every male somehow relates to this Macaulay Culkin movie from 1990. The idea of being eight years old, having run of the house, shaving for the first time, ordering pizza, beating up bad guys… well, what else can a woman say? From the moments of watching this movie as a boy, it clings onto to men into adulthood, making it a classic Christmas hit. This is the perfect film for father and son.


2) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Chevy Chase made quite an impression on men and women in as we followed Clark Griswold and his family to Walley World and then Europe. We enjoyed these adventures so much; we overlooked the mysterious changes in their children. The Griswold family was again embraced when they shared their crazy Christmas. But women don’t relate to Clark the way men do; pushing this movie easily into the top ten. From the pool scene, to the cat chewing on an electric cord... men love to root for this underdog who constantly struggles, with all his heart, to make perfect family memories.

3) The Family Man: This movie is a modern day  It’s A Wonderful Life. Men especially relate to George Bailey (Patrick Stewart) when he has 'that' moment in life where he just wants to give up. The pressures of business, money and family crush in on George Christmas Eve. While this Nicolas Cage, millennium movie, is a backward story of the Stewart classic, it still gifts the same life lessons. The sexy Te`a Leoni plays opposite Cage, while he is forced to face a bunch of “What Ifs.” Grab the strong liquor, this movie will make you think twice about your life.

4) Scrooged: Need an excuse to escape the stress of the holidays? Presents to wrap? Grab a cigar and bottle of bourbon to drink with Bill Murray as you watch this comical, 1988, version of A Christmas Carol. Murray’s character Frank is president of a television company and the grouch has his crew working on the holiday. The three ghost, past, present and future, offer a comical reminder of the importance of Christmas.

5) Bad Santa: For the men with a raw sense of humor, Bad Santa is definitely on this list. While your chugging beer (and who knows what else), go ahead and line up the sequel. Not done as well as the first, it is still a perfect pick to veg out at night and potato on the couch with mindless laughter.

6) Die Hard: Bruce Willis makes this the epic man holiday film. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a bad ass fighting terrorists and saving the holiday for many families. Grab the bros, spike the nog and serve up rounds of the hottest chili. Enjoy reminiscing that this 1988 film is the best dick flick made for the holidays. Ever.

 7) Christmas Story: This 1983 film sends men from all generations into nostalgia when Ralphie Parker just wants a B.B. gun for Christmas. This family film is perfect for popcorn, hot cocoa and reminiscing childhood.  From the horrible gift of pink, rabbit pajamas, younger brother oinking while eating, and a “double dog dare,” your kids will appreciate you in a new light while laughing together.

8) Krampus: This horror release was easy conversation between men at holiday parties in 2015. A holiday demon is summoned by Max (Emajay Anothy) after losing the spirit of Christmas when his family continues to fight. If you are into nightmares, Krampus is here to remind you that the naughty are punished but family is needed to band together to fight evil. Or, as a man would say, “The movie is hilarious.”

9) The Santa Clause: I can’t help to wonder how many men have fantasized about being THE Santa Clause. While divorced father Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) didn’t sign up to be Santa Clause, a tricky bit of fate chooses for him. This family comedy is perfect for the wife and kids, and if you want to make sure the children fall asleep, there is a part two and three... (After you get the family hooked, sneak away during the sequels. They are cheesy.)  

10) Star Wars The Last Jedi: While this sci-fi movie isn’t released until December 15th, and lacks the word “Holiday” and “Christmas” for some, to most the release is a holiday in itself. Best present of all. Second time in a row the Star Wars franchise hit the theaters in December; it’s becoming a holiday celebration for fans. This is a great excuse to get out of the house, catch the legendary series on the big screen and have dinner and drinks. May The Force Be With You.
WARNING: Do no argue with a Star Wars fan that this isn't a holiday film. 
More Male Mentions:
* Jack Frost: It's never too late to make things right with family
* Office Christmas Party: Laughter is included but prepare yourself for real shit
* Daddy's Home 2: A chance to get out and grab some laughs with someone special
*A Charlie Brown Christmas: Every man knows a Lucy that's made him feel like a block head
*How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Jim Carey's version never gets old 
*A Merry Frigin` Christmas: Not all joy with Robin Williams but an interesting watch
* Elf: When your son tells you he's from the North Pole
*It's A Wonderful Life: Shit could always be worse
* Nightmare Before Christmas: Recycle this Halloween flick into Christmas
* Gremlins: Always follow the rules of a new pet
*The Night Before: Chaos, drugs, and sex with three friends that grew up together
*Polar Express: You're never too old for trains