'Tis The Season To Shop Until You drop!

Our bellies are stuffed and ads of Black Friday plague are TV screens. Internet browsers steal our searches, luring us in with sales. Our email overloads with advertisements, and Facebook friends post memes reminding the minimal weekends left until Christmas Day…

Joys of the holidays!

Gift giving becomes a stress rather than a rewarding luxury and we scramble to grab last minute items as obligations rather than gracious joy. Parents want to perform the perfect Christmas to etch children’s moments into memories. Santa fills stockings and stuffs presents in every corner of the tree…

“‘Tis the season to be jolly! Fa La La La La! ‘Tis the season to shop until you drop! Fa La La La La…La La La.”

I love giving – to a fault. Every Christmas I spend more than I have. As I age, I try to cut back more, but one minute I think I’m done shopping and the next I’m out buying last minute gifts.

Then there is the wrapping. Wrapping so much crap! Then always needing to buy more tape; in a day I’m suddenly using more tape than I’ve used all year.

“Where are the scissors?”

Those dang gone scissors try to sneak off in the middle of each gift wrap. The first couple gifts I wrap are flawless, creased, ribbon and bow-ti-ful! Christmas tag is nestled tightly between the ribbon and bow, the perfect picture.

But by the end of wrapping, there is a Christmas movie booming in the background (usually Elf or Grinch), wine is flowing, I have three pair of scissors lost under a heap of small pieces of wrapping paper that “I might be able to use for a small gift…”

But when I get to a small gift I cut new paper, “Oh shit, that’s right I was going to use the small paper.”

I run out of tags and use a sharpie marker with intend to get tags later… but I never do.

Finding time to wrap all the crap…AKA: gifts… you bought are a chore in itself. My cat lays on top of the paper, my dog starts unwrapping slippers or stuff animals, my son wants to help, pulling out ten feet off tape from the roll for one gift ---

And so you know what?

The wine flows.

Every year I load up on cookie dough, and the first couple of times I see some of the prices on icing and chocolate I think, “Forget it I’m not baking this year. It’s too much.”

(Do they raise the prices on this stuff around the holidays?)

Then one week out from Christmas, I find myself scrambling through the grocery aisles, loading my cart with flour, sugar, chocolate, icing, peanut butter and so on.  The baking bug bites, and the sting is
intoxicating, next thing I know I’m making bourbon balls and buckeyes. My son wants to help me make the cookies; Sprinkles decorate my floor, icing dries on my table…

But you know what?

I’m okay with it because it’s Christmas. I turn up the music, rub flour in his hair and he smacks it on my face. The mess is terrible and the cleanup is a tedious but I end up repeating the madness every year.

I start shopping online and in stores in October, toys get marked down for new arrivals, and some of the best sales start before BlackFriday.  I ordered from Amazon, using my Prime, and avoid stores after Thanksgiving. When you wait too long to shop, you get the left overs, literally. Does a year ever go by when you walk into a toy aisle and are actually amazed that there is nothing left? It’s like a little leprechaun takes a vacuum to all the hottest toys and chuckles as he flips last minute shoppers off.  

Realizing you need things at the last minute is a bitch. (#KeepingItReal)

1. You know you are getting what the leprechaun didn’t want
2. Crowds of people and parking lots – (And no one is nice by this point. Everyone is just
   angry and annoyed. Grinch works overtime to make last minute shoppers miserable.)
3. Employees at the stores are so over it. They are exhausted, and their store looks like an
    episode of Kansas after a tornado.
4. You want to grab a bite to eat but everyone else needs a bite to eat too. So you are
    waiting an hour for food. By the time you get your food, you are just f*ing Hangry!

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1) Best sales for electronics are unfortunately ON Thanksgiving
2) Best sales for clothes are ON Black Friday
3) Purchasing online from Toys R Us, AFTER Thanksgiving ToysR Us is a 50/50
    Gamble (My experiences)
4) Drinking too much wine while shopping online can lead to outrageous purchasing
5) No matter how much wrapping paper, tape, tags that you buy… you WILL still run out

Check Hip2Save everyday so you don’t miss some amazing deals! I love that website.
Also, if you live in an area with Kroger's, don't forget to sign up for their FREE 25 Days of Christmas!

And lastly, from one woman to another…. Good luck. May the Force Be with you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And may you survive Black Friday!