I've been MIA....... and the holidays are about to begin even if I have been under the weather

It is the Sunday before Thanksgiving and frankly we have not even made the final decision on where we want to go for the festivities. It doesn't help that our house has been in plague mode for the last two weeks with some hell of a virus that seems to stay hidden in our bodies and house..... I mean I have used Lysol, essential oils, hot baths, tea, vitamin c, rest, diffuser, hot showers, fruits, and none seem to make this nasty cold take its final breath in our immune systems. Our five year old stayed home for five days because well I don't believe in sending her to school with a fever or if she had one 24 hours prior and she is the only one now who seems to be on the mend of healing. I caught it the worst on the first day of my husband being off and thankfully he could help while I acted like a baby curled up in the bedroom. I mean our kids functioned with fevers and I had almost 103 and thought I was going to be out for days... Literally it took me three days and still that fourth and fifth day were rough but I told myself I felt better and forced myself to drink fluids, but what I really wanted was a bag of fluids hooked up to me and a full nights sleep. My dear husband helped but when the kids are sick they want their mama too. Moving on and trying to give a valid reasoning of why I have been MIA. I might still have a little head cold and this blog might sound a little whacky but enjoy my deliriousness.

I noticed yesterday that this year we have slacked on every Holiday and really have become introverts to the full extent with social gatherings. It is not that we don't enjoy the company, it is the anxiety of who to celebrate with, or where to go, or trying to push through our own grieving. Funny that last word is the one I chose but it is the only one that seems appropriate
for how my mood has led me astray this year. It has almost been three years since my mother in law passed so to seem sad this year almost makes me feel like I'm grasping for an excuse but it is what my mind keeps leading back too. I want to revert to my younger days when Thanksgiving would be the holiday that I leaped for joy for and yet this year it is seeming more as a burden than a celebration of friends and family.

I sound so dark and selfish it almost makes me want to smack myself in the face as I write this......
So after the  day of giving thanks and celebrating with loved ones is followed by the notorious Black Friday....... Has anyone ever wondered why it is labeled Black Friday? I just did a quick google search to see it is the one day for retailers to turn a profit for the year..... gotcha,,, it is the day that mass amounts of people decide to pack in full to the stores to get that good ole bargain.. I use to fall prey to the ads and the commercials promising to give me the most for my money, but wait a second so how is this the one day the turning point for profit if they are truly giving us the best deal of the year. I mean I use to stay up all day running from one family house to the next and eat and then go home to nap before getting up to start the shopping at midnight. What I quickly discovered after many failed success stories of a great deal is that I either am not a master of sales for this day or the stores that offered these great deals were just blowing smoke up my tail to get me into the store.

One year stands out to me the most is the luggage set that I just had to get from the department store at the mall, and the large picture of the sale price compared to original. It seemed as though I just purchased a top dollar set but in fact a week later when I wasn't using it but showing off my deal, the zipper broke. No problem,  I have the receipt and decide to exchange my purchase to the store, but the sales associate must have had a bad day because she was more sour than sweet. So here I am eager to tell her what was wrong with the suitcase that I hadn't even used and before I finished she cuts me off and says well you bought the cheapest brand we have what did you expect?

Hold up what.... I only purchased this brand because it was supposed to be on a huge sale because of Black Friday deals only ...Well I snapped and my face is my first give away for sure and then my mouth tends to be unapologetic as well. I asked for the manager not in hopes to get the employee in trouble but to get my refund as now I don't want to replace this set but vow to never shop in the store ever again. She complied and then continues to talk of how the stores only advertise as a sale item when in fact they will make you think you are getting a deal but really you the consumer is getting ripped while the store is getting a deal out of you...

I was lured into the store with their well paid for advertising of come in and get another item that you might not need but the sale seems so undeniable. I call it baiting to get the customer into the store when in fact every year that I did Black Friday shop I never returned home with what I had originally entered the store for in the first place. I was baited by the frenzy, the excitement of finding that deal, coffee, food, and surrounding myself with mass craziness seemed intoxicatingly familiar with what most do after Thanksgiving. Not anymore,,,,,, I could tell you deals that I have seen but I haven't been following any and honestly I don't want a new tv or have the need for another item that will clutter our home but I will tell you that I did know some who would stand outside of Best Buy and miss the holiday to save that three hundred dollars on a tv. So for some the excitement is just the bonus that comes with their deals and they can plan out the most elaborate ways to go from one store to the next with the will power to only purchase what they want but that my friends is not me. Or they would go in teams and have people in different lines at different stores but this doesn't appeal to me in any shape.

I do like to shop in the brick and mortar stores versus online and I like to get a bargain but after many articles and a scenic way of thinking I truly don't save that much more on this crazy ass day to shop than I have any other time. Two weeks ago before the virus struck our house I went to Target with the kids to just buy diapers. With every trip that I take the kids I let them walk through the toy aisle to just look... I do not buy them toys with every trip because these toys only get played a few times and then tossed to the side (I am boycotting toys). So on my trip I see a barn on sale that I know our son would love.... BONUS it's on sale and wait a damn second I remembered that I had and additional 25% off coupon...... score for this mama right. A toy that normally cost $59.00 (way over our budget) was marked down to $47.00 which is still expensive to me and wait lets add the additional coupon to make it $35.25. Now this is what makes me happy and gets my blood flowing. Now how to do I get it without them knowing I got it. I distracted them with a toy in the aisle and grabbed the huge barn. I quickly threw every item we had in the cart over the barn and distracted them while checking out and basically begging the associate checking me out to not bust my cover.

So for some they get the excitement on Black Friday but not this lady and I have two small kids who would not benefit from my anxiety if we went shopping that day. I will however try to shop local the Saturday after Thanksgiving this year to help small business owners and put the money back into our communities. We are asking for classes and memberships for our children this year because the amount of toys that I have recently donated is a blaring reminder of how wasteful we are with plastic toys that get broken or forgotten about. Hats off to you all who find those rare and true deals on this black shopping day and hopefully you don't get trampled or beaten for the items you are seeking. Happy Thanksgiving and good luck with the best of steals of deals.