Holiday craziness

So I am not great with technology and it took me over five minutes to get this damn picture to post for you to see how we decided to stay home for the holiday. No, we do not normally keep a garbage can full of anything in our refrigerator but we had to brine our turkey and well this is what my husband found. He is a germ fanatic so he washed this brand new garbage can three times with dawn dish soap before even thinking of putting the turkey inside. 

We finally made a decision Monday before the holiday that we would stay home this year and give up some of our old traditions (either traveling to Illinois for my family or going to his aunts locally). It came with a bittersweet sting of letting go of the old and embracing the new. It was three years ago since we celebrated with his mother and I think each year it never gets easier but it brings a dark cloud of grief that sometimes we handle extremely well and other times we fail miserably. I think this year him cooking kept his mind occupied and it only inspired me to push through my own depression and find the solace in cooking for our little loves. He took on the task of the turkey, sweet potato casserole, and macaroni and cheese. Little info on our history of being together and not together for so many years would be the holiday dinners at his aunts house that brought so much pleasure to my palette. We did spend a couple holidays separated but I would still crave his aunts Mac and cheese and his uncles chicken noodles. No matter how many years I have tried to recreate these masterpieces I seem to succumb that they have a secret to their recipe, and I will never be able to replicate these dishes to the exact of my memory. So he thought he would be able to copy a recipe off the Internet that would mimic his aunts and well it was good but it wasn't her recipe. I tried to recreate his mothers delicious broccoli casserole and I have to say it was close to hers. Next year we will maybe host a dinner here and everyone can enjoy garbage can turkey with us. 

See we tried to do  new traditions but we just couldn't give up all the delicious food. Do you have any family recipes that you can master? Or are you like us trying to scramble the Internet in hopes of tasting that comfort food we grew up on?

Okay, the turkey would brine for fourteen hours and I cooked all the sides I could think of on Thursday and I got so excited that I persuaded our daughter to set the table. I will try and load the picture of her set table and decorations. It might take me less time than the previous picture.

Holy cow I did it this time in seconds... so here is her turkey picture which she says the turkey is thinking about how he is the main course...... okay sis this is funny and yet not sure how to react. We have had this tablecloth from Target (clearance deal of like 70% off two years ago) and I bought these beautiful plastic plates and silverware from Kroger ($8.99)when we decided to cook (I do not own china, nor have four sets of matching plates right now), fresh flowers from Costco at a steal of a price of $14.99. Here is what I was not prepared for... Kroger being completely sold out of JIFFY mix two days before Thanksgiving and I bought another brand that just did not taste as well for our corn casserole. I did not give myself a budget and spent a mass amount by going to three different grocery stores in last minute needs. Never again I say as I walk shamefully to my car,  knowing I could have saved money if I had only planned the trip out more.

So we finally eat around 5:45 pm and Lydia is upset because I am having us all dress up, not in like formal wear ,but just kind of dress up and I am putting makeup on . Ya'll if I was going to do it, I was going to do it. I have this weird thing that if I cook all day or over an hour by the time I sit down to eat I am no longer hungry... Well I had to eat because I wanted our kids to eat,,,, bahaaahaa. We decided since the kids did great during our cooking experiments we would take them to see a movie and we wanted it to be just for them. 

I can say honestly that I loved the movie just as much as the kids did and my husband knows how much I love popcorn and a coke. We decided to go to our fancy movie theater here in town, This way Daniel and I could lay back in the seats that recline and let our food coma pass while we watched a magnificent movie

We started our new tradition with a bang... then Black Friday came and we stayed home all day in our pajamas.... However, even though I still haven't gotten rid of my nasty cold I felt well enough to do some local shopping on Saturday for Shop Local. I loved taking the kids to some of my favorite local stores and just spending the day with them (Daniel was on night work and slept through shopping). I will give you the links to some of my local loves and first and foremost we started the morning out at HI-FIVE DONUTS......, we then hurried over to a local dance studio that both of the kids will be going to in January because they were running specials for local shop Saturday ( This is part of their Christmas presents this year instead of plastic toys that get lost or broken. Oh but we didn't stop there on our adventure we had at least two more hours before Daniel would be getting up so I took them to a few more stores. If you are local or visit Louisville I highly suggest just stopping by LOUaBULL to get a local shirt and fun and I mean fun little gifts, here is their link They just happened to be giving out a refreshing champagne drink to adults and yummy cookies for the kiddos. Win win for this mama. I normally never buy kids things they want in the store because I am so frugal but today it was supporting locals and well I spent a whole whopping $32.00. We didn't stop our adventure there no we just left NULU and headed towards Bardstown Road in the highlands. If you are local you will know my references, if not these are areas inside of Louisville. I had to go to hey tiger to check out t shirts for the kids... love love this store it carries new and vintage pieces By this time we are hungry from our adventures and we went to our favorite restaurant on Bardstown Road which is Cumberland Brews. Daniel and I have been going to this local brewery/restaurant for at least fifteen years, and another funny fact... He proposed to me right outside. So needless to say it has changed up and down over the years but we are still loyal patrons and enjoy a nice pint of Meade when available. It is now our kids favorite for the jerk chicken wings. So again if in town or local go check them out. I cannot find a link for them so I am using Yelp.

So November has passed me by so quickly from being sick, to stressing over the holiday, I might have hit a curb and had to get new tires, Daniels driver side door getting hit, school, meeting up for the blog and stressing over clothes. It is a blur but I am going to start annoying you all with some fun post of my crazy life so you can relate or not relate but get a good laugh.