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October 30th, the day before Halloween, movie goers filled the theater, some dressed in Christmas gear, anticipating a laugh. Mostly women occupying the seats, received the humor they yearned for.

There are days as a Mom you completely feel like you are failing. Then there are moments that create flutters in your heart, “I’m nailing motherhood.”

"Bad Mom’s Christmas" is a holiday reminder “When we get pushed to our limits we are not alone.”

The movie opens with Amy (Mila Kunis) introducing us to the chaos of Christmas, along with the expectations of being a Mom. Then ,leading into a story, on how she “Ruined Christmas."

The original cast team, Amy, Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hanh) decide to take back their Christmas while introducing hilarious drunk mall scenes. Classic! (I bet malls would flourish IF holiday businesses allowed this kind of experience!) (Marketing teams take notes)

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The threesomes plan is solid until the moms, Ruth (Christine Baranski) Isis (Susan Sarandon) and Sandy (Cheryl Hines) join their daughters, less than a week, before Christmas.  The abrupt visits leave the women in a Christmas scramble, struggling to maintain their families while catering to the mothers. The stand offs, teamwork and coping mechanism sent the audience into a howling frenzy.

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But the movie isn’t all laughs. There are a couple heartfelt strings that tug on your tear ducts. Bring a tissue.

"This Is Us" fan? Don't worry, Santa has a BIG surprise for you. 

This film is a perfect holiday gift. Moms grab your daughters, daughters grab your moms, mom friends grab one another… and plan a wine night while indulging in this film. Treat yourself to doses of humor while relieving holiday stress.

I enjoyed the first edition of this movie tremendously. But "Bad Moms Christmas" lights up the theater with a multitude of jolly gesture.  
From woman/mom to mom/woman I give Bad Moms Christmas…

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