Getting Snooty With Snooty Fox

Being a mom on a tight budget, yet staying up to date with the latest fashion trends is a challenge. Imagine my curiosity when I pass a classy consignment shop with five, one dollar racks outside. It wasn’t an immediate stop, the curiosity built until I finally had to check it out for myself. The appearance of the store is sleek, fashion forward, and fresh.

Cute, name brand, trendy clothes line the racks with dollar tags dangling from articles. Luring me in the store to purchase my treasures, my eyes widened at the sight. Deals are everywhere; beautiful clothes at affordable prices.

The Snooty Fox became a sinful pleasure of mine and so I'd love to share my passion with you. I sat down with the manager Carol, to become familiar with the Snooty Fox system. Snooty Fox stylists, Mindy and Lacey, assisted FemCalibur friend Christine and me, with trendy fashions, capabilities and prices of Snooty Fox.

Here Is What I Learned While Sitting Down With Carol:

Carol, Snooty Fox manager Hyde Park, OH

·        Donna, owner of the Snooty Fox in Cincinnati, has over seven clothing locations employing over a hundred team members. Snooty Fox employees take pride working as a team and are loyal. Some have spent over twenty five years with the fashionable chain.

In addition to their close knit team, the Snooty Fox takes pride in getting to know their customers and consignors. Carol discloses one of her favorite joys is seeing friendly, loyal customers while learning more about them.

What IS the “Snooty” in Fox?

With over ten thousand consignment accounts there is always something new! Snooty Fox brings in between three hundred and five hundred pieces a day!  However, Snooty Fox doesn’t just take anything, if styles are outdated or uncleaned, be prepared to hear they can’t sell it.

Interested in consigning? Here are some things you should know.

  • ·         Snooty Fox is a seasonal store. Currently they are taking winter clothing.
  • ·         Things must be cleaned, pressed and on hangers.
  • ·         They only take things that are within the last year, maybe two, to keep current styles.
  • ·         Condition of the clothing is very important.

Snooty Fox offers amazing prices with a fair pricing system. They usually go about a third of the value, but for name brand, tagged purses it could be upped to half. They split the sales with the consignors on a fifty/fifty scale.  While they want their consignors to be treated fairly and receive profit, they also strive to keep products reasonable.

“If we receive a dress that has original tags on it for $900.00,” Carol explains, “If we put $300.00 it will never sell. So we also try to take what we can sell it at while getting the most we can sell it for.”

Snooty Fox is serious when it comes to the latest fashion trends. The owner goes to Vegas twice a year, ordering all the accessories for the store, assuring the styles are fashionable . Keeping fresh accessories allows Snooty Fox to embellish the clothing adding a ‘wow’ factor.  In addition, they receive color pallets allowing them to update their displays to trendy crazes. 

Does Snooty Fox Do Things For The Community?

Clothing remains on the floor for four to six weeks before sliding over to the fifty percent off racks. If they still do not sell, in a few weeks they wonder outside to the dollar racks.

Once the clothing hits the dollar racks all proceeds go to Angel Fox, giving to a school for motor challenged children of Cincinnati. This additional money assists in tuition cost to be lowered for the students at Conductive Learning of Cincinnati School.

Carol informs, “The tuition isn’t honored by insurance because it’s five days of therapy, all day long. This helps to keep the tuition to ten dollars and hour for all students with all the Angel Fox that we sell.”

If the articles of clothing do not sell for one dollar, they donate to a local church that  goes all over to places like Appalachia. They also give to other organizations through Cincinnati, like Mathews Ministry.

(If this isn’t reason to shop at Snooty Fox, I don’t know what is!)

What Kind Of Perks Does Snooty Fox Offer For Loyal Customers?

Great news! In addition to your purchase you can purchase a Platinum Card! While it cost ten dollars, it last for the year and the profits are returned to the Conductive Learning Center Of Cincinnati. (giving back to the community) In addition, the card offers an additional 10% off all items you purchase.
Carol adds, “With every holiday, I mean every holiday, including sweetest day, it goes to twenty percent off! So it is at least once a month.”

By every holiday, she means Black Friday too! 

Snooty Fox is different from other consignment shops because:

  •  They do not pay out right. (They take things they know will sell. Know to turn the consignor a profit. This causes the action to not pay out until the item sells.)

When I ask Carol if there is anything else Snooty Fox consumers should know she informs me, “They are open for consignment every day, seven days a week, no appointments, no fees, to bring in clothes. Because we take in so many clothes we do have a lot of clothes, some people come into shop every single day, because we have hundreds of new pieces out a day.”

Great news for shoppers! (like me!)

Not only does Snooty Fox sell clothes, but some locations, like Mariemont, OH, sell furniture, home goods, lamps, holiday trinkets, china, and crystal.

Carol let me sneak into their stock room and I was wide eyed at all the merchandise that hasn’t hit the floor yet! 

What she discloses next has my mouth hitting the floor, “All the coats and fur items at all locations will be shipped to Mariemont  (OH) stores in November for a fifty percent off sale at location." 

She informs me they have sales like this with popular name brand clothing too. Continue to check in so you don't miss it!

Great News! Not local to Cincinnati, OH? You can shop online at
On cyber Monday use the promo code: Monday 
                to receive a discount!

Snooty Fox stylist Mindy and Lacey assist Christine and I with some trendy looks at low prices!

Mindy and Lacey at Snooty Fox, Hyde Park. OH

Christine, a virgin of the store, was like a kid in a candy store! 

"Now you know why I had to blog about this place!" I smirked. 

After, with lots of help from our new friends, we finally put some outfits together. Christine's first outfit was a comfortable everyday look. With added, trendy accessories, she bragged about had sheek she felt. 

  • Marc Jacobs Purse   $399.99
  • Hat  (NEW)              $  19.99
  • Scarf  (NEW)           $   29.99
  • BDG Shirt               $     7.99 
  • Skimmer Pants        $   10.99
TOTAL OUTFIT PRICE:   $468.95 (before taxes)

Since I often find myself casual, I decided to go outside my comfort zone and find a dress of the New Arrival Designer Rack. 

After being accessorized, here was the final look. 

  • Dress; plenty by rracy reese    $ 99.99
  • Jacket; LAFAYETTE 148         $ 49.99
  • Shoes; Michael Antonio          $19.99
  • Purse; botkier                          $ 99.99
  • Earrings                                   $ 8.99 

earrings worn with Rebecca's outfit

TOTAL OUTFIT PRICE:                       $278.95 (before taxes)

Christine fashioned a saucy look next, nailing it:

  • Pants; Mott & Bow              $16.99
  • Shirt; bebe                            $  8.99
  • Shoes; Stuart Weitzman       $49.99
  • Purse; Kate Spade                $29.99
  • Necklace                              $12.99      

Necklace used with Christine's outift

TOTAL OUTFIT PRICE:            $118.95 (before tax)

I decided to go for a NY look. I was feeling fresh:

  • Jacket; Fashion Apparel & Accessories (NEW) : $59.95
  • Skirt; Ann Taylor                                                   $  9.99
  • Shirt; Vince                                                            $19.99
  • Shoes; Nike                                                            $14.99
  • Sunglasses  (NEW)                                               $12.99 (or 2 for $20)    
TOTAL OUTFIT PRICE:                                               $117.91 (before tax)

With winter approaching and temperatures dropping, Christine and I wanted to include a stylish coat with our final look. Here is what the Mindy and Lacey helped us come up with:


  • Pants/Jeans; Joe's          $16.99
  • Shirt; Loft                      $12.99
  • Coat; Guess                   $16.99
  • Boots; Sesto Meuciy      $24.99
  • Purse; Coach                 $89.99
  • Sunglasses (NEW)        $12.99 (or 2 for $20)
TOTAL OUTFIT PRICE:       $174.94 (before tax)

  • Shirt; L.RA                               $  7.99
  • Pants; C Wonder                      $16.99   
  • Coat; aenoc                              $49.99
  • Shoes; CHRISTIAN SIRIANO $  8.99
  • Purse; REBECCAMINKOFF  $39.99
  • Sunglasses (NEW)                  $12.99 (or 2 for $20)
TOTAL OUTFIT PRICE:                 $136.94 (before tax)

Love the fashion ideas? Check out Snooty Fox for more! 'Tis the season for shopping. I don't know where you will be, but on Black Friday, you will find me at Snooty Fox! 

Have fun shopping!


(This is not a paid advertisement. This blog was written out of interest (of Rebecca) and does not necessarily reflect the personal views of Snotty Fox.)  

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