10 Awesome Amazon Gifts!

It is that time of the year for spoiling those you love.
If you are like me you hate to shop in the stores, hate the traffic, rude people and crowds.  I am also one who needs to feel like I get a deal.  So yes, I shop outlet malls and Goodwill.

1. Gift for the baby's parents
I had to get these for my newest nephew due this December.  These are so nice.  They keep the little teether dry and reduce the number of onesie changes!

2. For my clever baby.
I got this for our active and 18 month old.  She loves to build things and figure things out.  Thought this may spark her interest.

3. Back Pain Helper
$18 .75
I got this for my husband.  I am a believer that acupuncture can do amazing things if you let it.  A friend recommended this and for the price I thought it is worth a try for my husband's poor back. 
4. For the curious mind
I got this for my mom.  Wonderful way to share the beauty of other cultures

5. For a lovely lady
I bought this beautiful scarf for myself.  Love it.  A great deal at $8.99

6. Original fidget spinner
Fun for the active nephews.  Thought this would be a fun way to learn about the power of magnets

7.  Learn to explore
A little more than I would typically spend for this type of item but it comes with everything needed to make the solar system yourself.  It is a wonderful gift for my young nephews ( 4 and 7).  They can paint the planets and hang it in their room.

8. Music Lover
Another one I got for myself.  I had a blue tooth speaker and loved it but it stopped working.   I got it from my husband a few years and it was really expensive. You can find them for next to nothing and waterproof these days.  I got this so I can listen to music and such in the shower.

9. Those who love to travel
I am considering getting this for my parents.  They are semi-retired and would love to travel more than they do.  I thought this might help motive them 

10. Beauty Lover
Another one I bought for myself.  I have sensitive skin so I tested it on my hand and that was fine.  I put it on my face.  It hurt a little to take it off so I washed the rest of it off.  My skin was so soft after! 


Good luck with your holiday shoping!