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By the age of five a pencil is shoved into our hand, a piece of paper on the desk with large lines, and we are taught to write each letter of the alphabet. The ‘A’ had to peek to the top of the line and cross at the center. Red pen was used to suggestively train us in the areas of required practice, shaping us to either love or hate writing.

My left handed penmanship was never a frustration. The sense of satisfaction, perfecting the red circles into simple stars, made me proud. I fancied the cursive ‘F’s' and ‘G’s’ which have almost been lost in the world of today.

I had my first pen pal in fifth grade, thanks to our teacher’s hometown, West Virginia. At the time, age eleven, West Virginia felt like countries away.  I loved to write, send pictures, and explain my days of family and school. When her letters came in the mail I was eager to read them, and would respond immediately.

At the age of thirteen writing grew into an emotional outlet. Journal pages began to fill, and until this day my best emotional outlet is writing. Writing is a safe environment for me to tuck my feelings away in words, best expressing my deeper self. 

It was also the age of thirteen I began writing novels. In English class we kept a wired notebook, as a journal, writing whatever we pleased. I asked the teacher if, instead of writing about my daily activities, she would allow stories. In her agreement, these stories continued into more than one notebook. This was a ritual I practiced through High School, staying after school to have more computer time. My junior year of High School I wrote for a small ‘magazine’ of stories we would release to school. Senior year my English teacher decided, for the first time, to introduce the creative writing award into the school system. I was honored to accept it.

I have all my notebooks and poetry tucked in a file cabinet. My old journals are stashed in bins with other high school memorabilia, poems are hidden. 

It wasn't until 2002 that writing became a burden for the first time, ever, in my life. I had a professor in college that made us hand write all our work, then red pen mark every misspelling, punctuation, fragment, and any other grammar malfunction you might think of. He was loud, obnoxious, opinionated, and always right. By this time, with technology, my writing heavily relied on the computer for editing. There was no love for content, only the red pen of negativity blasting 'F''s on my work. While I take constructive criticism well, welcoming it, I do not accept negative criticizing, nothing helpful added to better my work. I could not figure out what this man wanted from me, dropping his class the first time, he came back to haunt me when I took the class again. My confidence in creative writing was diminished and I only stuck to my journals, unleashing emotions.

Five years later in 2007 I finally returned to creative writing. My love for comics, women who kick ass, and a photo shoot inspired Realm Komiks. The beginning of a creative empire I had envisioned, complications and struggles would force me to allow Realm Komiks years of rest. During the resting period, it was not forgotten nor dead.  

In 2013, after a sleepless night I picked up the series and began reading. When I got to the second series, it heavily reminded me of the late Michael Cowen and the excitement he invested in the story. I became more inspired than ever to continue with Realm Komiks. I created a free website through and finally launched Series One/Part One: Ghost ofThe Black Panther.

Not a trained graphic artist, my ability for the next part of the comic book could not exceed my expectations. Unfortunately, a professional graphic designer is still out of my budget. Part two through five remain in purgatory, patiently awaiting their final edits.

In January 2014, during a morning drive, the epiphany of a novel pricked my brain, continuing to haunt me until I sat down and started plugging away at the computer. I desired a strong reason to form each chapter , so I decided to release each rough draft to a blog. A pain in keeping up to date with copyrights, protecting my work, it became the incentive I required. I am a "people pleaser" at fault, and mentally knowing I had people in different parts of the world, waiting to read the next chapter, I couldn’t let them down.

Three and half years later, the novel IS finished. You can still read it all (for a limited time), except the final chapter 30. Torture, I know. It is now in editing process, and I’m so excited about the editor I have chosen. I think we are going to be a great fit for one another.  Maybe one day I’ll even pay her to edit my blogs. *wink*

Realm Komiks Prequel: New Worlds, intertwining some of the characters from the comic I created, is a female based sci-fi novel. The women have the upper hand in this story, challenging the men that might cross their paths. I took the challenge to write it in present tense and am thrilled to submit the manuscript to a couple agents I have in mind. The agents I have my eye on are currently searching for all the things NEW WORLDS offers: Women base sci-fi with love, sex, war and a series. Did I not mention New Worlds will be the first of three? Yes, there are cliff hangers and you will have to read the continued series for closure. I am hopeful I will land a deal where it won’t take three years to write book two. 

I love stories. I enjoy reading, watching and creating them. Allow writing (and reading) to be your friend, it can bring you much peace, creativity and closure in life. "From my realm to yours...There R Possibilities."

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