Me Time is a rare jewel moment. I’m now on a schedule where I go to bed usually by 9pm and awake by 5am. The cooler mornings keep me cozied in bed until 6am at times, but coffee, breakfast, while curling up on the couch is a daily ritual. If my brain fires up, I’m plugging away on the computer, working on Realm Komiks or FemCalibur. If the brain gears are a tad rusty and slow to move, I mindlessly scroll through Facebook or browse the internet.

These couple morning hours are my hours of indulgence, the moments of quiet. While I’m quite addicted to listening to our local morning radio show, Q102 with Jeff and Jenn,  (Fritch and Tim) after work I zone out with classical music. Classical music zaps the stress of 5pm rush hour, allowing a story to be told in the moving clouds and dancing trees. Yearning to be home, I often embrace this drive as some alone time.

I no longer have the luxury to soak in the warm bubble bath, with a glass of wine and chosen read. My bath pillow is lonely in the linen closet and my book/wine rack is now transformed into a toy holder.

The nights of me unwinding in front of the television, excited about catching my favorite show of the evening, is a memory replaced by Hulu and Netflix. Sometimes it takes me a couple days to finish an hour show while using close captioned. I am not deaf, but the close captioned assist me in retaining what is happening while noise booms over the volume.  

Lying in bed catching up on the latest novel is now filled with children’s books. Occasionally I can sneak a ‘G’ comic book in the mix, but I now own more unread comic books and novels than read. My personal library card is rather dusty since I let my son open his.  

There were moments in my life I constantly yearned for the next adventure, but my schedule fills too quickly. Responsibilities of being a mom leave random, last minute outings with friends a thing of the past. Now my nights are filled with homework and early bedtimes.

Like a ruby diamond, my Me Time is a rarity. Precious and worth so much; yet I never regret the hustle and bustles of motherhood. One day I know I will have lots of Me Time and miss the memories of yesterday. 

What Do You Do For ME-TIME?
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