Me Time! You NEED it!

Why Me Time???  

If you have ever flown you have heard the flight attendant say 'in case of an emergency and the cabin loses pressure air masks will drop.  Put Yours on first then help children and others with theirs.' 
Meaning that helping yourself can allow you to more effectively help others.   I believe this to be true in so many elements of life.  Put your family first but know when to take a moment for you.  It will allow you to give more to your loved ones!  
Happify created this info graphic and it illustrates the benefit of taking time for yourself.
I am an introvert.  Which means that I center myself or recharge myself when I have quite time alone to focus on things I care about.  I am lucky enough to have a day job that allows me flexibility to work from home from time to time.  This allows me to feel like I can focus on my job and reduces my stress.  I married an extrovert (one who centers or recharges their self through interactions with others).  So he gets out of the house or has a few guys over to help on a project in the garage and I get my time.  We both get the recharge we need. 

I spend my free time or me time, blogging, hanging with friends and family, seeing live music and learning.  I can't lie I watch tv and mindlessly scroll through Facebook till I can handle the negativity and division any longer. 
I also like to garden.  Not so interested in gardening unless I get food out of it!   My garden gets bigger and bigger each year.  We have to put a tall fence around to keep out the deer out.  I had about 12 tomato plants and 12 bell pepper plants.  It is harder and harder to spend the time needed in the garden with an 18 month old.  But we had a ton of great harvest.  Canned Jalapenos and several jars of spaghetti sauce.  I think I can get 1 more harvest of green tomatoes this week before the cold sets in.  I will turn them into sauce.  I think that is the easiest thing to do with green ones, just add a can of tomato paste and a little sugar.  Yummy!
When I find a subject or such that I am really passionate about I go all in.  I spend all my me time focusing on it.  After I was diagnosed with Hashimoto I dug into anything I could to learn about the disease and learn how to heal.  I have come a long way and healed a great deal.  Before my massive research I was experiencing symptoms like those in early onset Alzheimer.  I was in my mid 30s!!! I was scared and determined that there would be ways to heal without drugs or procedures.  I read book after book and blog after blog.  Dove in deep.  Tried a lot of crazy things to see what could work.  It took time and a lot of crazy diet changes and experimenting with some gross foods.  But it helped.  I am not 100% and I still need thyroid meds and vitamins to feel about 75% me.  But I will take this over the 30% me of 3 years ago!  I credit these diet changes with giving us our daughter.  We lost our first after trying for months and months.  We lost our baby before our 1st ultrasound.

What I am learning now is how to better utilize my me time.  I found this Ted Talk from Laura Vanderkam helpful.    I realize that not everyone can decide to go for a hike in the middle of the day for their me time.  What I like though is that those who understand the value understand how to maximize the value of their me time!

And maybe taking time for yourself could be what you need to heal or regain control of your life as it was for me.