Keeping It Real - Litter bug

  So let's talk about the worlds' worst people, Litters!!!! Ok there are worse people but I have no love for litters.  Especially those who enjoy the outdoors.  How can people go out fishing, hiking, camping or boating, enjoy mother nature, then think "I'm too lazy to take my trash with me so I'll just leave it for someone else".  Drives me crazy!  If you smoke, it is not ok to throw your cigarette butts out the car.  Those are litter too.  I say this after we told our 16 month old to drop the cigarette butts in the parking lot.  ERRRR.

Last week I got the chance to volunteer to help clean up the Ohio River banks.  I volunteered with the organization Living Land & Water (  This organization blew my mind.  Started 20 years ago by 1 guy tired of seeing trash on the side of the river he loved.  They have now donated 1 million trees, done education programs and cleaned a staggering amount of trash from rivers in the Midwest.  I have to admit that I am in love with the people willing to live in a barge for 9 months cleaning river bends, and educating children.  They mention that after Harvey they left the river for a few days and went to Texas to help clean out muddy drywall and such from those affected!!!!  I love that there are people in this world that can do this and I love that I had a chance to support them in 1 little way

End product of 50 people working about 3 hours!
We pulled from the Ohio River:
236 bags
177 tires
12 semi tires
7 chairs 
810 lbs random plastic
117 Styrofoam
2 mailboxes
5 milk crates
70 lbs turf
20 lbs mat
42 lbs hose
70 lb turf
3 construction cones
150 mattresses
9 5 gallon buckets
25 lb power wheel
3 trash cans
25 lb bumper
Cooler 3
Four ft culvert
4.5 55 gallon barrels
1025 lbs of carpet
2480 lbs scrap

243 ft of barge line

Glad I could channel my hatred of litter bugs to some good