Keeping It Real - Healthy IS Hard

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There is nothing  more offensive to me than when I pass on a piece of cake or bread stick and the person across from me says, “It’s not like you need to worry about anything. You’re tiny.”

First let me clear up, I am not tiny. I can’t wear a size zero. My thighs are thick. I don’t have time to hit a gym every day or go running (though I  find ways in my daily routines to burn calories, walk etc)

I’m passing up on that cupcake or piece of bread so I can weight management.

I know what I can intake and what I can’t for calorie counts during the day. I also am anticipating having a few glasses of wine INSTEAD of that cupcake or piece of bread. (You know I love my wine!)

With the fast pace society and then my three biggest weaknesses:

Staying Healthy IS Hard.

I have actually had to restructure my brain and way of thinking to stay at a "decent size". (I say decent size because, to me, I’m out of shape and should be ten lbs less. We are all our own worse critic.)

Let's first talk sugar.

Amazingly enough, when you cut sugar out of almost everything; you don’t want it or crave it. (This rule applies only when you're not having 'monthly lady time' – and there is nothing you can do about that. Give in or be cranky.)

I’ve went from flavored creamers to honey and natural almond milk in my coffee. Fruit Smoothies is my sweet go to and I prep the fruit in bags and freeze them so they are ready to go. I keep it easy, throwing the fruit in the mixer with almond milk.

Dark chocolate stuffed in the bottom drawer of the fridge is my go to when sweet cravings begin. I break off a small piece or throw a Hershey kiss in my mouth (maybe two) and I’m good as gold.

I’ve learned it’s all about portion control and not depriving yourself. If you want that Krispy Kreme donuts, instead of eating the whole thing, you can cut a pie piece out and indulge. Besides, if you aren’t use to real sugar, that is enough to send you through the roof!

What about fast food?
Fast food is a cheap easy source to grab and go.

Good news is, they’ve added healthy options and calorie counts on their menu (perhaps to torture us into making a right choice).

I usually skip the fries; my son never eats all his anyway, so usually stealing two or three works for me. But if you must have fries go for the small! Stop with large orders.

Remember: You just need to curve cravings.

Taco Bell has an awesome Power Bowl. It is Filled with some rice and toppings without all the calories from the shells.

With other fast food…Skip the mayo. Skip the tartar sauce. Skip the large coke - soda is just horrible all around. Make soda a special, once in a while treat. 

Society sometimes sets unrealistic expectations on us.

Food makes us feel good.

Fructose Corn Syrup, refined flour, refined sugar, and MSG’s actually trick the brain to crave more. We actually become addicted to these foods! (Good article here.)

An additional helpful note, which I go by, is food depends on your bloodtype.

I believe in this.

I still eat some things that aren't suppose to be well for my blood type like tomatoes. But I monitor my daily intake - I LOVE tomatoes! Peanuts is another food that is suppose to make me feel sluggish... but now I just save peanuts for the baseball games.

It makes sense.

Just because something is considered healthy doesn't define that it is good for YOU. Blood type will effect the way your body works as a unit and processes certain foods. Our body isn’t "parts”, it works as a whole, and we often allow doctors to single out why ONE part isn’t behaving.

Instead, we should be  focusing on why a part isn't working as a unit. And a big part of it is about what you put IN your body.

I’ve researched my blood type B and feel it stands true to choosing my foods and ‘exercising’ options. Interestingly enough, we often don’t even know our blood type.

The last thing I DO love about choosing to eat healthier is the way my skin reacts.

Loading up on the Omega3’s in fish, nuts and avocados does wonder for the appearance of  my skin. All those carbs and fatty greases are your sudden breakouts and blemishes. I can tell a huge difference in my skin if I’m not getting enough water or vitamins that my body needs!

So... next time I pass up that amazing cheesy garlic bread, or cheese cake, instead of judging me, be happy for me, because I am using some serious will power to try and keep my body on a healthier regiment.

PS: I usually have a weekend day I allow myself to cheat.  J

What are YOUR food weaknesses? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. My biggest struggle is avoiding the snack food I keep around for the kids- the crackers and cookies. Maybe you are right, I need to plan for my failure-keep a small amount of a treat around.

    1. And girl scout cookies always come in when it gets close to swimsuit season! ;)


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