Keeping It Real - Financials

How much house can I afford? I Google it. I fill out mortgage affordability calculators. Imagine future income stream, construct fantasy lifestyles.

But now it’s time to WAKE UP! It’s time to get real about my finances.

My husband and I have moved around quite a bit and incomes and city costs shift with each city and town. So, it’s easy for me to get distracted by thinking of different places. To consult websites. Make plans that are not based in reality. And then I float off into a bubble of longing. Wishing and imagining and dreaming (not doing) and craving and or…or…or…

Here’s the truth: If we want to buy a house where we are, it’s time to talk to an actual bank. You know, the ones who actually approve mortgages.

As I write this there is a block party outside. The block I live on is filled with families and my daughter knows everyone; parents and kids. There is a chili simmering on the stove for the chili cook off and a bouncy obstacle course is being set up as my fingers type on these computer keys.

See, here’s the thing, we are renting the house we live in and I want to buy it. But it’s not for sale. And there are many others I also want but can't afford. And that’s ok. I need to accept it. Move forward and find the perfect spot for us.

I need to remember that life changes, and while the house we live in now fits our lifestyle needs, things will change again. So maybe the right house to buy hasn’t appeared yet because I’m not ready. Maybe I need to practice patience instead of restlessness.

Life is good. I’m thankful and need to remember to enjoy it.

We’ll buy a house when the time is right. So, today, I’ll enjoy chili with my neighbors and be grateful for the block I currently live on. After all, this is my home, whether I own the property deed or not. 

Keeping It Real!