A Greener Me


A Greener Me

Why a greener me?  What is a greener me?

I think of it as all sorts of a ways to take small steps to live a more happy, healthy and sustainable life.  It was a journey for me.  I have had a passion for the environment since I watched FernGully when I was a kid.  Yes FernGully http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0104254/

I collected the Cheerio box tops to save the Amazon Rainforest…. Wonder whatever happened with that?  And found WWF (the panda not the wrestlers) and that may have started my obsession with black and white animals.  So I went through life, college, wanted a career in helping people, studied psychology and sociology, co-oped in a group home for men with mental illness.  Found out what type of job and miserable paycheck I could expect in the field.  Said No Thanks and started co-opping at another business in the Midwest.  Got paid better, didn’t feel fulfilled, went back to school for a MBA and decided to turn to my childhood love of the environment.  Got MBA from Marylhurst University in Oregon.  Moved into Energy Purchases and have worked on all things unsustainable to sustainable.    Felt frustrated with the unsustainable part so co-workers said "blog it".  I said  "good Idea"  and I blogged.  Then we decided it was time for a child and I stopped birth control.  Then my  cat got diabetes and kept getting worse, then I developed Hashimotos and kept getting worse so I thought.  'maybe cover more than just environmental things but thing that are good for your body too'  and I did but my sickness took over and all I did was sleep, work and read up on my sickness and ways to heal and get pregnant.  Then I healed enough to get pregnant and now I have a 1.5 year old!  Time flies. 

I still have Hashimotos but don’t feel like death these days and healed a great deal.  But never got back too blogging until now. 

More to come!!!