Fear of Ceasing to Exist

Your pupils dilate, the heart rate increases, your whole body is tense, hair stands on end and you may tremble inside and out. These are all signs that you are facing a fear or have a fear of something, right? Fight or flight may kick in. We are all born with it. Fear is what has kept us alive over the decades and it is also what can hinder our ability to live. Fear is what makes the girl trip in that horror movie to her untimely death. Every. Single. Time.

Fear comes in many forms, I believe. You have your phobia’s and then you have your deep rooted fears; those of ceasing to exist, losing loved ones and failure of success and love, to name a few.

On a personal level my biggest fear is ceasing to exist. It gives me the worse ache in my chest when I really start thinking about it. It’s almost like an anxious panic. My mind just cannot grasp the idea that I will not physical be here one day and that happens to scare me to a ridiculous amount. It pops up at the most random times. I can be reading a book or watching a movie and something will trigger it and I’ll start to think; really think about what happens to me, all religion aside. My little brain just will not grasp it. Will anyone even remember me? Have I made any impact in this short lived life? There’s not a thing I can do about this fear. I realize that. I try to rationalize to myself that it won’t matter, we all die, and what is most important is to embrace TODAY because, as the old saying goes, you are never promised tomorrow.  Does that help? Not really. If I live in fear of dying I won’t live. That my friends, is the most important thing I have to offer to you in this piece. Don’t wait. DO. Just do. No regrets. I promise to try and follow it too.

Signing out,