Beautiful Brown County, Indiana

Tucked away in the wooded country area of Nashville, IN, an area people call Brown County; It offers historic discoveries, wild life, hiking, biking and horse trails plus so much more. There are hidden travels in this small town of rustic adventures.

I have been to Brown County a few times, but the last time was at least fifteen years ago, a trip with girls that consisted of my cousins and aunt, my mom and sister and my grandma. The trip my grandma disclosed in full to all of us girls how her and grandpa met. It is a fun, divine tale, but let me save that for another day. (Subscribe for updates)  That was a four day trip… and I can’t remember if we have any pictures. (Those were the days you didn’t have technology and just lived in the moment.)

However, my recent weekend trip was minimized to one night and two half days, but a reminder of how extraordinary and how much this town has to offer.

I remember during our ‘girl trips’ we used to stay in hotels, tho I have no clue which ones. Now we (my mom, stepdad, sister and her family)  GLAMP. If you are not familiar with the term ‘Glamping’ it is “camping” with motor home, potty,  refrigerator, couch, tv, bed etc. all the luxuries while you park with other glampers in the woods. I don’t mind glamping or camping, I love being in touch with the outdoors…. Granted I do have standards and am not a 'rough it tough gal' with hunting for my meal and sleeping on the exposed ground, kind of lady…. Let’s be honest, I rather pee in the woods than  a bathroom surrounded  by flies over a poo toilet that isn’t flushable. #keepingITreal

That said, I didn’t have to worry about it this last weekend. Water supply was tight in the camper, but the bathrooms and showers were luxury for a campsite. Thank you for that, Brown County State Park, Buffalo Ridge.

We chilled out on Saturday, walking, taking the kids to the cute park they had…. I actually fell asleep around eight. Lame, I know. I woke at nine but everyone else was pretty much done for the night. ("What I get for the early to bed schedule, up by 4:30AM to write schedule".) Regardless, It was good family fun; Played a little Yahtzee while the birds and Bluetooth synced, drank a few beers, grilled out and had some delicious grub.

Sunday morning I was more ambitious and was able to plan our day.

We (my mom, stepdad, husband, son, sister, brother-in-law and two beautiful nieces) went on a three mile hike around Ogle Lake. Tromping through the dead leaves, the colorful trees allowing you to scape your perception of the lake… people fishing among the bank, wild flowers still dancing over trails to announce falls arrival; Brown County is beautiful in the fall.

Number of  look-outs allow you to pretend  you’ve hiked the highest peak, gazing over the hills that prop the trees, touching the sky. There are many of these photo opportunities.  Wildlife is in vast, howling coyotes in the evening, waking those who are light sleepers. The cool autumn breeze welcomes a fire, the smoke drifting in your eyes, causing you to wince and cover your face, until the wind leads it in another direction.

While you can get some of the wildlife luxury at the Gorge, you can’t get the escape into the town shops, lined with candy stores, ice cream, crafts, candles, and what I feel is most important, wine. (You by now should know I’m a wine fan!)

A Kid Choice

A Mom Choice
Around the shops is an array of delicious looking eateries, ones I failed to experience this trip round. But I had Yelped them and I wish I had time for a local brewery , tempting but may not have enough beer to deal with my whiny, tired son.

One night and two half days is definitely not enough for Brown County, IN. The rest of my family had the luxury to stay until Wednesday, hopefully my sister, Cheryl, will be able to tell you more in a personal blog of her own! 

Horseback Riding, the history, the antique malls and so many more trails… Brown County, IN is worth an at least four day stay. I can’t wait to return and experience more!