With Halloween and Thanksgiving parties popping up everywhere we are constantly seeking creative ideas to theme.
Here is an idea a stumbled upon while searching Pintrest “The Apple Cider Bar”
While I was contributing to a woodland baby shower theme, the apple cider bar is a clever idea for any fall/winter activity.

HomeGoods Picture is delightful, offering color and fall introduction while keeping a subtle country setting. Their display offers warmth and comfort.

I took their basic idea and created my own. Though I wish I’d had a larger table to avoid crowding things together, I still think overall it added a special personality to the party.

The warm cider I used was a hit. I bought it from an independent vendor who creates the recipes of ciders, mules, and frozen drinks. Offering free samples, I couldn’t avoid the huge “WINE” sign, of course, not expecting the temptation to purchase. I purchased three of the bags, for a deal of $33.00. If you’d like to order this delicious mix you can click on the link.

If you don’t read our blogs yet, I like to buy things on a budget and so the price of the mixes (no wine) was hard to swallow at first. I have no regrets. The only regret I do have is that I didn’t bring all three bags. Not exaggerating, the drink was gone within the first thirty minutes of the party. People stood around the crockpot ranting about the taste and begging to know what was in it. I ended up having to replace the crockpot with cheap apple cider and wine, without the rave, it was still a hit.

Here is the presentation of my apple cider bar:

Apples and warm Carmel 
Tip: Try to buy precut apples or squirt with a bit of lemon so they won’t brown.
  • Later I thought a small bowl of nuts would have been a nice addition. (To sprinkle over the Carmel apple)
  • Later it occurred to me I should have had a bamboo toothpick to dip the apples.

Cold and warm apple cider option
Tip: I also had a pitcher of non-alcohol cider
  • If it’s a cold day the warm cider will win popularity. Make sure you have enough.
  • I used a dry white wine. Sauvignon Blanc was my choice. (per a suggest recipe instruction) A few of the women verbalized they preferred it over the traditional rum or bourbon.

Pomegranates I thought would be a colorful, fall addition. 
Tip: Save time, buy a small pack of Pom Pom.

Garnish for the drinks: cinnamon sticks and dry apples
Tip: cinnamon sticks are in the spice aisle in a tin or plastic container. 
  • dehydrating machine for the apples with added cinnamon sprinkled on top. I’m sure you could buy them as well.
Green apples with smoked Gouda cheese

Apple turnovers 
                                                              Tip: peel the apple
                                                            Recipe I used is here 

For theme, I spiced it up with a cuddly, Carter Teddy Bear rattle, holding a cinnamon stick while sitting on a bed of rosemary.
I added a basket of apples with a centerpiece tree light and some baby breath.
Tip: Tree I purchased did not come with a stand. 

And the outcome was this:

Perfect for the holidays, weddings and even baby showers! 

Having a Nature/woodland theme baby shower? Here are some of the other ideas the girls executed.

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