A letter to the younger me! Yes the young vibrant daredevil!

Dear Younger Christine, 

It's been some time since we last spoke. I think about you often. I think about how fearless you were. I think about how much you laughed and smiled. I think about how much you LOVED the movie The little mermaid. You Seriously would watch it 5 times in a day everyday. At night you would pray that the whole world would flood and we would all become mermaids. Weird I know but... I know you only had good intentions. I think about all the dreams you had. How You wanted to be a ballerina and so you did it. You wanted to be a figure skater so you did it. You wanted to be an actress so you made up your own plays and even became a star in The play Annie. You wanted to ride a bike with no training wheels so you made your dad take them off and you fearlessly went down that long driveway and didn't crash! It was a total success! think about how much you loved the water and at the age of 5 you took the deep end test just so you could dive off the diving board without having to have anyone there to catch you. With all of that being said and so much more to be told let me say hello to a not so younger and little older me. I remember when you stopped taking chances and daydreaming. It was hard for you and I wish I could've hugged you. I remember your first crush crushing your heart. I remember when you became angry because you felt alone and that no one understood you. I remember when you lost yourself and it took you some time to get that girl back. This is what I want to say to you.

You made it through! You didn't need to be so hard on yourself. You were and you still are the coolest chick I know. I mean girl we have been through it and we did it together. What I'm trying to say is thank you. Thank you for not giving up. When things got tough you were tougher. When life broke you and took you down you got back up. Thank you for holding on to hope. For never forgetting that younger version of us the younger brave fearless one that we thought we thought disappeared. We fought so hard to find our way back to her and we did it. We are still fighting all versions of me to get to better place because we are still growing and finding out more about what's important what matters. Thank you to all ages of me for dreaming, believing and never giving up!