It is rare that I am able to sit down and watch TV. Having 2 kids, a full time job, an ill mother to look after and everything in between prevents me from getting too involved in a TV show. Since I work from home and am thrown in a dark corner of the basement all day  I like spending my "off time" outside enjoying fresh air interacting with people. Seriously, when I get off work I feel like they have let me out of the infamous "hole" in jail…What is this light? People….I am like a hungry wolf that hasn't eaten all winter.

 With all of that being said I have found myself falling in love with the drama that comes with a Zombie Apocalypse. As if this would ever happen...but if it does I am fully prepared thanks to Rick and the gang!  Yes I am talking about WALKING DEAD...I LOVE IT and can't get enough of it. I find myself salivating when I know it is about to come back on. Anxiously awaiting what the next season brings. I do DVR it but rarely miss the actual air time! Everyone in my house knows when this is on NOT to disturb me EVER!! When I know there is about 10 minutes left in the episode I get sad knowing I have to wait all week long until I can be reunited  again with Rick and the gang. Nothing excites me more than watching football on Sunday...and then I realize that...AAHHH! THE WALKING DEAD will be on in the evening. So, it is really a treat for me on Sunday's when I am able to get amped up watching football and then calm down and get into my Zombie zone in the evening.  I am all alone in my love for The Walking Dead...and I am ok with that. Sarah has grown bored with the  Zombie Apocalypse even though it scares her deeply and she would benefit from watching to gain some tips and tricks on what to do in the event a Zombie Apocalypse does break out. She would rather watch Ice Road Truckers! What!? I have no need for that as I would not be caught dead driving on ice let alone driving a "big rig" nor would anyone want me to honestly. I would rather give birth to a 20lb baby without an epidural ! So, I will just curl up on the couch on Sunday nights at 9pm and see what I can get into with Rick and the gang.