Tube-Gasm (YouTube)

Let me just start off with saying I have a love hate relationship with tv.  I love watching things I feel like I learned something from or that feel like they provided me with a wonderful world of fun and entertainment.  But really most of what I turn on is just mindless.  It is my background noise as I work on other things.  Shows that follow the plot:  intrigue … fill in story … big end! These are murder mystery shows, who done-it shows and home improvement shows like Fixer Upper.  I mean who doesn’t love Chip and Joanna?!?  Makes me want to remodel each week.  I can mindlessly re-watch Alaska: The Last Frontier as well.  Im trying my best to replace so much tv time with more music time now that we have a toddler learning words.  She's only knows like 10 words but I swear after she bumped her head tonight she said 'shit'.  OHHHH she is her Father's Daughter, 16 months and learning to cuss.

But let me get back to my guilty pleasure…. It is the You Tube videos that I subscribe too!

Every Monday morning I turn on Last Week Tonight while I get dressed.  It is my guilty pleasure.  Cynical jokes about current events and 1 outrages angering story that they dive into.  It is my time to feel like I am learning about the reality in which we live but do so a bit light-heartedly so I don’t internalize it too bad and become angry grumpy person. 

My other 2 are the Vlogbrothers and Healthcare Triage.  The Green brothers are awesome, honest, try their best to have fun, show some love, and joy and share some knowledge.  They are the type of people I hope I am in my world, a teacher and a cheerleader.  They created Vlogbrothers and have built other You Tube shows like SciShow and Healthcare Triage.  If you havent watch any of these do yourself a favor and give up 4 mins to one of these shows!