Becoming a mom has turned my television time into binge watching shows that my children can't watch at night! Late late nights that then follow up to early mornings of me needing an extra cup of coffee to stumble through the day! Netflix is my friend and my nemesis. 

Recently I stumbled upon the new release on Netflix and came upon Ozark, at first it didn't seem like a show I wanted to start but oh so glad I did! I watched three episodes the first night then forced myself to turn the television off because I had to get up in four hours! 

The suspense in the first episode alone raised me from my seat to a perching, all senses open, give me more give me more position in my bed! Yes I watch TV in my room! Ozark was like peeling an onion, each layer at a time to expose the not so seemingly normal family of their secrets. I'm not a critic nor do I review as one, but the plot is mesmerizing.

I couldn't relate in totality to this movie but could relate to the fact that this family is secretly running to live,if that makes sense! The father and mother are doing everything that they can to stay alive. They commit one illegal act after another to save them from the darkness they signed up for. I don't want to give away the show because honestly I want you to watch the first episode just to see if it is your cup of tea. This is it if you are ready for a suspense filled series that is drenched in thoughts of ," oh, I would never do that, or would I to protect my family?"

Ozark left me anticipating the next season and curious about my own neighbors. Let's hope it's not like the battles that the Byrd family faces.