JJ Bio

Jis 35 and is a stay-at-home mom for 2 1/2 years; Before that she worked at a local hospital after graduating high school.

During that time she worked in many different positions from aid, ER tech, medical assistant, lab tech, pharmacy tech, and even taught a class in phlebotomy... She just could never finish her college degree for nursing... so she might be considered one of those that "never finished..." and some days she's okay with it...other days she feels like she should go back and finish what she started.

 Recently, JJ discovered she IS her hardest critic. One of  her faults, often talking herself out of new adventures, fear of failing. She spent most of her twenties pursuing her husband, now of six years, and in that time she has battled in dark and bright times! 

Nevertheless, she has fought for their love since they were teenagers, now they are raising two children, whom they adore... BUT hide from at times! 

"(I'm hiding in the bathroom as I write this but they have still found me arguing over a baby stroller!)" ~JJ

At this age she has truly learned many of life's lessons, either willingly or stubbornly, yet strong willed. She  remembers being told by a wise patient of hers, "Never stop learning, if you think you know it all, then you truly know nothing at all." 

Though JJ doesn't know if she borrowed the saying from a passage, it was a pivotal moment in her life, one that has helped her to this day. She loves her family full heartedly and when she says her "family" She's also speaking of her bonus family that didn't have to be in her life... but they stayed through the good and bad, without hesitation! 

Her family is on the course of trying to eat healthier, while checking labels for yellow #5...she's sneaking a drink of pop in the kitchen! She may sound sneaky, she is, and in her younger years her curiosity got the best of her! 

Her heart belongs to her children, they are a family trying to make it in the world, teach her children to love God, to be kind, loving, and tenacious with their passions! She may make many mistakes, horrible with grammar and punctuation but bare through and try not to grit your teeth, while reading her stories!