Fall is in the air!

Dear friends and family,

Football season is now upon us! As  you know I am a long-time die-hard fan of the Cincinnati Bengals. Yes, I know we have had some ups and downs and this season is not looking the best. You know I will never give up on them because one day we will be great! I needed to remind you of the rules of Football Season.

  1. Don't call me after 8pm on Thursday nights or after 11am on Sundays or 7pm on Mondays.
  2. If for some reason you decide to text me during a game, it had better be to ask be "Did you see that?" to which I will reply "What the hell do you think?"
  3. Football is the only acceptable topic of conversation.
  4. Don't come into my house and make fun of my team. You will be immediately escorted out of the house.
  5. Any events that are scheduled on Sunday, Monday night or Thursday night when my Bengals are playing I will NOT be attending. I apologize ahead of time but…..it's football season.
  6. Don't dare come into my house and say anything good about the Stealers…they are the bane of my football existence.
  7. Football is the only thing that will be viewable on the main T.V.
  8. Don't root against my team….EVER!
  9. If you don't like yelling and profanity you might not want to be around me while I am watching my team. I cannot control what comes out of my mouth while viewing football.
  10. If you are confused about my availability until February please refer to #1 and #5.

Fall means many things to me and Football is one of the biggest things! I am a girl and I do speak fluent football. My fiance' Sarah says that I might be worse than a guy during football season. I go through a series of emotions during games and have been know to throw things. I do walk around my living room coaching my team from my house and sometimes I do think they can hear me. I have been known to help them run and catch balls and make plays. But enough about football on to the essence of Fall.

Fall is a season of warmth and family. It is the beginning of many holiday adventures and traditions. Pumpkin patches, Halloween festivals and apple orchards. The things to do are endless. The freedom of the season comes with passions of ending the year on a good note. Fall is the beginning of the end in a sense. The closing of another chapter in your life. We can celebrate all of our successes and learn from our failures. Right around the corner is a new year with new hope. Fall is the ending of what was and leads to what will be.

So, to say the least we are all very excited about the start of Fall for different reasons. What does Fall mean to you?