Fall Festivities

Honestly, I have no idea when the first day of fall is, but when I see the apple cider and the large box full of pumpkins at the grocery store, I know it has arrived! Funny you might say, wouldn't the weather be a tale sign, not in Louisville, KY! The highs have been in the 90's and lows 70, but after typing this I decided to check our weather and surprise, next week a cold front will move in. I digressed but in all honesty I believe fall to be a symbol of release for some women like myself.

Release you might ask???? Oh yes ladies it's now time to wear the overly sized sweaters that can cover our muffin tops. We can eat a pack of caramel covered apples and justify that it is still eating our fruits for the day (yes a pack of three). I can fill my home with the smell of cinnamon from some strange DIY concoction I googled for all natural fall smells. I get to wear jeans everyday if I want too, you know to go with my overly sized sweater and muffin top! However, I enjoy all fall has to bring but the over abundance of pumpkin spice of everything and anything tends to overwhelm my senses. I know, what???? I particularly only enjoy pumpkin pie and apple butter, I'm not big into the pumpkin flavored coffees, snacks, or pumpkin flavored spaghetti sauce! Just not my favorites.
Moving on from pumpkin. 

These are just a brief synopsis of the happiness fall brings to my memories! In all serious when I see the gallons of apple cider, pumpkins, and caramel covered apples my mind triggers memories ! The flashbacks of being a child growing up in Illinois and fall being all around me ensued. Glimpses of riding on hayrides, running through corn mazes, riding a haunted train, and then of course the occasional haunted house! The crisp air filled with the aroma of bond fires, sipping hot cocoa, and hearing laughter mixed with screams of fear... ha ha ha yes the kids screaming in fear but then laughing hysterically because they know it was all just for show.

I remember visiting local and not so local festivities with rows of booths filled with little treasures that were decorated in season! We would go to the Broomcorn, Apple, and the most popular being the Covered Bridge festival. I no longer attend these festivals but where I live now I have found the closest replica of these festivities and it's only ten minutes from our home! The Harvest Homecoming in New Albany, IN and it is as if I walk through a time lapse and I'm a kid gleefully excited over the crafts but my true desire is the food. Yes, the food I deny myself as much as possible because well it's not healthy, the fried biscuits with apple butter is mouth watering just to type! 

This is just my favorite so I automatically went to that memory but it's a list of some of the most delicious treats and so good you stand in lines for food. Last year I  waited to try the famous chicken and dumplings and just as we stood there a gentleman walked through the crowd apologizing and saying they had ran out for the night. Bummer, but this year I'm determined to get them as soon as I arrive! This year I will also be wearing my bigger jeans to let my stomach expand from all the deliciousness.

I look forward to fall for many reasons and the festivities have become a timeless tradition that I just realized I have been doing unintentionally since becoming a mom myself! So let me suggest to you that no matter what city you live in there will be some type of fall festival that I encourage you to visit at least once. Enjoy the season and all that it brings, example, Thanksgiving!!!!!!