Fall – Bring It Inside

I went to a concert on Friday. 

It’s hot here in Chicago. It doesn’t feel like fall, but I bought my ticket months ago when late September meant jeans and sweaters and coming inside.

Fall is my favorite season, a tough one to love as it is typically a sliver between hot and cold. A handful of weeks when the shade is too cool and the sun too warm. 

So, what is it? Why do I love autumn?

It’s coming inside. It’s communal experiences, like concerts. Don’t get me wrong, I love the expanse of the summer months. Lying on a beach towel and looking over the lake, seeing only water and sky. Spending time on backyard blankets, swinging porches, and sandy campsites. In the summer months, I socialize, but not too close. Everyone has space to stretch. Space to breathe. 

And then comes fall.

A crisp walk to a movie. Planning events with friends, nights out, dinner in one another’s homes. And there is something wonderful about that shared space. The intimacy of indoors.

Like being at a concert and knowing you are all there together, experiencing something contained. A secret. When you take pictures at a concert there is a conversation between you and the performer. It’s as familiar as taking a portrait of a friend. They are posing, you are documenting. No one outside can see what you are seeing. Passersby will only hear the thud, thud, thud of the bass. They’ll miss out on the lyrics, the singing along. 

We say we don’t want summer to end. The festivals! The pools! The bike rides! But I do, every year, without talking about it, I enjoy each sweaty day of summer knowing what follows will be even better; cold nights, hot soups, cozy scarves, warm homes.

It'll be here soon, I can feel it. In a short time we’ll be at the bonfire, huddled close, making plans, sharing off-the-record conversations, and waiting. Slowly slowing down, enjoying each other as our suntans fade.

~ Mali