Fall Beginnings

 Everyone has their own thoughts and feelings when it come to fall. For some, Fall is a constant reminder that winter is coming and depending on where you live winter can become well....overwhelming. A never ending of shoveling driveways. Cold wind consistently smacking you in the face. 
For others, Fall is pumpkin spice lattes. The changing of the leaves. Its finally time to put on those sweaters we have been dying to wear. Time for those cute boots that have been staring us down all summer long just waiting for their Fall debut. 
Now For me fall is just this. Fall is the time of shedding. It's the time of the year that gets rid of the old to once again become a new. Fall Is a time where I stick to my traditions such as.... decorating my place to feel more like an autumn wonderland. Spending a day with my mom making buckeyes rolling the peanut butter batter into 100 individual balls while talking about life. Carving pumpkins while drinking a pumpkin spice latte. And of course Spending time with family on Halloween and Thanksgiving. 
Speaking of holidays. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and once that chilled weather kicks in it's reminds me that day is just around the corner. Halloween is the one time of the year you get to become something you're not. Something you wish you could be. Something that iconic. Even something unconventional. All the kids dressed up parading around knocking on doors for candy. I mean really Think about it how awesome is it that on Halloween when you look outside you see children women and men dressed up in costumes? It's like an episode of the twilight zone but it's fun and people have fun doing it. 
Thanksgiving is another delicious part of fall. The Thanksgiving parade that reminds us Christmas is only a few short weeks away. Family and friends coming together to enjoy incredibly large amount of food and drinks. A day that reminds us to be thankful for all we have. 
Fall is about making memories while sticking to the old traditions and finding new ones to make. Each year fall allows for new adventures to arise. Whether it be a way to celebrate the upcoming holidays or a way to enjoy our colorful surroundings. Fall brings out something in me. I believe it brings out something in all of us.