Yes! I admit it! I have a dancgasm. I believe it started at a young age. Dancing was something that always made me feel free. You could say the music has something to do with this freedom as well but I feel the freedom of movement and getting lost in that movement was of the purest feelings I have ever felt. I've realized with age this small obsession with dance only grew. I find at times when I'm having a hard day or work just totally sucks and it's sucking the life out of you I do a small dance and everything seems to seems more comical but also less serious. If I'm stuck in traffic and it already been a long day. I turn of some music and dance. I'm serious try it! You might think you look like a fool or wonder if people are looking at you blah blah blah but just try it! You don't even have to be good at dancing to enjoying the benefits it gives you. For me dancing can used in so many different situations and mean many different things. Different types of dancing calls for a different mood. I feel that in the end If I I decide to just bust out a small dance to just shack it off the bull$$$$ I know I'm going to make myself laugh hopefully making someone else laugh and getting myself back to my Center. I think in dancing we can all feel that feeling of expression and the feeling of allowing some release. That's what a dancegasm is all about. Right?