Keeping It Real - Healthy IS Hard

There is nothing  more offensive to me than when I pass on a piece of cake or bread stick and the person across from me says, “It’s not like you need to worry about anything. You’re tiny.”
First let me clear up, I am not tiny. I can’t wear a size zero. My thighs are thick. I don’t have time to hit a gym every day or go running (though I  find ways in my daily routines to burn calories, walk etc)
I’m passing up on that cupcake or piece of bread so I can weight management.

I know what I can intake and what I can’t for calorie counts during the day. I also am anticipating having a few glasses of wine INSTEAD of that cupcake or piece of bread. (You know I love my wine!)

With the fast pace society and then my three biggest weaknesses: 1.Bread 2.Pasta 3.Cheese
Staying Healthy IS Hard.

I have actually had to restructure my brain and way of thinking to stay at a "decent size". (I say decent size because, to me, I’m out of shape and should be ten lbs less. We are all our own worse …

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